#PointsforPrize, WINNERS ARE HERE!

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Thanks for join #PointsforPrize, we hope you enjoy this game. It’s time to announce who wins the awesome prize! Check out the winners below to see if you are in the list. Also, we will contact winners these days, so please watch out your message box and email!


Winners of over 70-point game (for Freshman and Member levels)

1st prize NSG50 goes to @Alfonso (381 points !!!!!!)

2nd prize GS1920-8HPv2 goes to @WebberIT (80 points)

3rd prize NWA1123-AC HD goes to @Ian31 (73 points)

4th prize Nebula 10-point goes to @CrazyTacos (71 points)


Winners of special prize (for Newbs)

Prize with surprise: @USG_User & @Cobra (both of them earn same points during the game), please make sure you receive our message in your message box or email!


Thanks again for your participation; we’ll definitely have new games this year. See you soon!

*The final points were calculated on 1/1/2019. 

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