USG110 - permanent CPU usage of about 30%


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  • Zyxel_EmilyZyxel_Emily Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 408  mod

    Hi @USG_User,


    Can you share the configuration file with us via private message?

    We'd like to check if the same symptom can be reproduced.

  • USG_UserUSG_User Member Posts: 56  Ally Member
    Hi Emily,
    Just updated the USG to v4.32 (AAPH.0) and the AP from V5.00 Patch 4 to Patch 5. Now the CPU utilization looks great :)

    We are happy so far, but will check all the other functionality during next days.
    One question: why IPSec VPN takes 2.8% CPU since IPSec VPN is disabled with us? Only SSLVPN is activated.

    Many thanks and best regards

  • Zyxel_EmilyZyxel_Emily Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 408  mod
    It is a normal behavior that there is CPU usage for IPSec VPN even if no IPSec VPN is configured or enabled because the daemon of IPSec VPN is up and keeps interoperating with the system.
    That's why the daemon occupies some CPU usage.  

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