No ping from Zywall IPSEC VPN Client


VPN tunnel established ok but no ping to server(, firewall settings ok)
Client side dynamic ip
Server side /

No visible vpn adapter in network adapters?

What to test / check?


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    Hi @VPNSFIN,


    Use VPN100 with firmware 10.01(ABFV.1)  to run the test and IPSec VPN client is able to ping local subnet of VPN100 successfully.


    ( VPN client----Internet----(wan)VPN100(lan:


    Once ZyWALL IPSec VPN client is installed on Windows, you'll find "TheGreenBow Virtual Miniport Adapter" in network adapter.

    Please check if ZyWALL IPSec VPN client is installed successfully.

    Can you share your configuration file of the VPN model with us in the private message?


    VPN provisioning

    In VPN connection on the VPN100, enable “Configuration Payload” and assign IP pool for IPSec VPN clients. 

    The tunnel is opened. IPSec VPN client gets IP automatically. Ping PC successfully. 

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