AP NWA1123-ACV2 Uplink port randomly down and up

Hello to everybody, this is my first message on this forum.
I own a Zyxel NWA1123-ACV2 from some months, configured as standalone AP, connected to a Netgear GS108E-v3 switch.
I noticed from several days that uplink port sometimes goes down and then up after few seconds. Sometimes it happens every hour, or every 20 minutes, or few times a day. When it happens, front LED flashes red.
Obviously, devices connected in Wi-Fi loss internet connection (e.g. VoIP, streaming, online gaming, and so on).
I installed last firmware versione (5.35) and upgraded also Netgear switch's firmware, tried to disable DCS, radio2, tried to change ethernet cable but problem doesn't disappear.

Can you suggest me something to do?

Thank you

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