GS1920-24 - Encrypt switch-password in config backup file

Eric_Eric_ Member Posts: 20  Freshman Member
The configuration-backupfile of a GS1920-24 with 4.50 (AAOB.2) installed, contains the switch-password in clear text. Please encrypt the password.


  • Zyxel_JonasZyxel_Jonas Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 65  mod
    Hi @Eric_,

    Regarding this case, the design for the password is a clear text due to GS1920 series doesn't have a restore configuration button on the panel.
    Just in case a user forgotten the password, the user still could check the backup configuration file for the password.
    If the password is encrypted the only way to access the switch again is to send the device to the reseller and progress RMA process.

    But for the new generation of GS1920 v2 series, we will enhance the password to be encrypted.
    Because we already added a "Restore" button on the panel to restore the configuration back to default.

    Thanks for supporting Zyxel!
  • alehznalehzn Member Posts: 30  Freshman Member

    Hi @Zyxel_Jonas

    as the password is still in cleartext within the backup file, I am wondering when this will be fixed?

    Problem is on GS1920-24Pv2 running the latest firmware.


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