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We're trialing SecuReporter on a dozen or so of our client routers and it seemed promising at first, but for the past week or so it's been almost useless. Just about every menu link we click (traffic, threat map, etc) redirects to 'Device Details'. Happens on multiple computers (Windows 10/Chrome latest). This didn't happen at first.

Also noticed a pretty significant boost in CPU  util at idle when SecuReporter was turned on. Bouncing around 10-15% on USG40s that often stay in single digits. We turned off traffic monitoring and it didn't change much. Not necessarily a huge deal - but we're being careful to not cause overloads. May turn back on for some closely watched and hopefully CPU util improves.

Where can you configure the PDF reporting? Our inbox is getting flooded with reports daily and for us the weekly report is much more useful. Can the daily reports be turned off? We may just not be seeing the option because of the Device Details redirect.

Finally - where can the licenses be purchased? I search our Digital River account and it didn't jump out but given how tedious that is to navigate, it's hard to tell if it's there and we missed it. Just trying to get an MSP price point to see if continuing to test it out is even worth it. Hopefully it's not too expensive - because one of the ironies of an MSP is when you're doing things right and things don't go wrong for your client - they wonder what they're spending money on. SecuReporter definitely could be helpful there.

UPDATE - Didn't realize the trial licenses all reset. Ours had said they were valid until 11/15/18. But just checked MyZyxel and they are inactive. So re-activating to see if things start working again

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    itxnc, I've been trialing secureporter also. Seems promising, but not ready for primetime. My popular website data has been pretty much useless. If you call ZyXel support which I did they say it won't be ready til firmware 4.33 releasing Jan 2019. The techs on this board say it should work now with 4.32, but that's not my experience.
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    Hi @itxnc,

    About the first question "Just about every menu link we click (traffic, threat map, etc) redirects to 'Device Details'.", does it mean it keeps loading when you click Map > Threat Map and Analyzer > Traffic?

    About the CPU usage on the device, we will check how much CPU is consumed for sending logs to SecuReporter and update the information to you later.

    You can select daily/weekly/monthly report you'd like to receive in the next phase of SecuReporter which will be ready on Nov. 26th.

    If you receive “myZyxel Service Activation Notice” and “myZyxel Service Link Notice” mail for SecuReporter previously on Oct. 18th, we have reset SecuReporter trial license. You need to activate the trial license at again to use the service. 

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    Hi @itxnc,


    The data processing mechanism had been enhanced.

    Now your pages/charts should be able to load successfully when you click Map > Threat Map and Analyzer > Traffic.


    In CPU Status, “Processing in Python mode" and "Log" are the applications related to sending logs to SecuReporter.

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