Can old information on the NCC Capture Portal be removed

I have been trying to setup my Guest Wi-Fi so it loads the NCC capture portal front page with an agree button before users can start using the Wi-Fi connection through to the Internet.

It has virtually worked but an old welcome page/message that I setup, keeps being offered to new connections rather than the current newer message.

When looking at the setup everything seems fine with the new message so I think it must be old cached information within the Gateway.

Is there a way of clearing the cached information on the Nebula NSG100 gateway?

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  • iversivers Member Posts: 36  Freshman Member
    Is your AP configuration status show "up to date" in AP monitor page?
  • Nebula_ChrisNebula_Chris Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 260  mod
    Hello @StevieG
    Welcome to the community! :)
    Is your capture protal on the NSG or on the NAP?
    I didn't see the same issue in my lab (either on NSG or NAP), is your device configuration status is up to date?

  • We have now deployed the system into a live environment and found that the captive portal was sometimes working and other times it didn't.

    We were experiencing different results with using different browsers and devices so therefore we decided to remove this feature at the moment and only protect with the WAP2 password.

    We was just trying to bring up a welcome screen for the Guest Wi-Fi and then move them onto their website once agreeing the connection.

    On a couple of occasions instead of re-directing the device to the website it took them to the NSG login page whereas the Guest Wi-Fi (VLAN) had Intra zone blocking enabled which should have blocked them from getting onto this.

    We may come back to this feature in the future but for now we will have to leave as it is.

    Thanks Ivers and Nebula_Chris for your time in replying.
  • Nebula_ChrisNebula_Chris Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 260  mod
    That's odd, anyway please contact me whenever you needed also provide the test steps I can try to reproduce. 

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