I need the patch also, I have a usg60w which AP keeps dropping

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I have a usg60w that keeps dropping the wifi and is on firmware 4.32. I was told by tech support to request the
firmware here. Please respond asap------Thanks---Donald


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    edited November 26, 2018 2:35PM
    I installed the firmware and it worked for 17 days before the same issue began to re-occur. Please see the attached log file. the Lan2 (port 4) that the internal AP is attached to goes down and back up by itself. The Wireless AP disappears from the clients and the system is rendered useless. We have had nothing but problems with this USG60W and the USG2100 since the initial installation. Our customer is beyond frustrated as am I. Both units have worked intermittently and we are requesting some kind of resolution especially for the USG60W which controls the entire network at this location. Please Help!!!
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