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ChristianGChristianG Member Posts: 172  Master Member
Hi ZYXEL Team,
USG's are able to send reports/alytes allreday, wouldn't it be an option to adapt the option to send also the  startup.conf by mail to a mailbox? so you could set up an automated backup on existing modules (ok, must be a bit extended) ?

From ZYXEL's point of view, is this a solution for regular, automated backup of the current/running configuration on a USG?


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  • ChristianGChristianG Member Posts: 172  Master Member
    but it's no an official option by ZYXEL ;) ? Mail and Log reports are allready send by mail, so it's not a complete new part to send a backup of the running config by mail - i see this as a extention of the existing mail module.

  • PlatsPlats Member Posts: 11  Freshman Member
    I do agree. The mail option should be easy to implement and would be a nice feature.

    The reason i said the FTP option, is that it is something that works right now. New features can be some time away :)
  • TAPTechTAPTech Member Posts: 53  Ally Member
    Great idea!
  • ChristianGChristianG Member Posts: 172  Master Member

    @Plats and @TAPTech

    i have a nice feature if the cfg is sent by mail :)

    It's called "Encryption password" :)

    The admin is forced to set an "Encryption Password", so that the config is made "unreadable" before the verse with this password.

    Of course you should know the "Encryption password" during restore. 😁

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