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ChristianGChristianG Member Posts: 143  Ally Member
Hi ZYXEL Team,
USG's are able to send reports/alytes allreday, wouldn't it be an option to adapt the option to send also the  startup.conf by mail to a mailbox? so you could set up an automated backup on existing modules (ok, must be a bit extended) ?

From ZYXEL's point of view, is this a solution for regular, automated backup of the current/running configuration on a USG?


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  • ChristianGChristianG Member Posts: 143  Ally Member
    but it's no an official option by ZYXEL ;) ? Mail and Log reports are allready send by mail, so it's not a complete new part to send a backup of the running config by mail - i see this as a extention of the existing mail module.

  • PlatsPlats Member Posts: 11  Freshman Member
    I do agree. The mail option should be easy to implement and would be a nice feature.

    The reason i said the FTP option, is that it is something that works right now. New features can be some time away :)
  • TAPTechTAPTech Member Posts: 41  Freshman Member
    Great idea!
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