Best Comcast DHCP Modems?

What is everybodies experience with a purchased (not rented) Comcast Modem for DHCP WAN service, to be used with any NSG-xxx model? I had some issues with the lower end Motorolla Aris Surf Board series SB6143 and SB6190 having DHCP connection issues.
Best, Volker

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    What you mean the DHCP connection issue, might more specific~
  • The SB6190 is a bridged dynamic modem. On one NSG50 and one NSG100 installation it does not reconnect to Comcast at times. The last time when the new NSG firmware was rolled out a few days ago. The fix is to reset the NSG, sometimes a few times until the SYS light stops blinking. My customer does not like this!
    I need to switch out some of these modems and like to know models that work without having this issue on NSGxxx. ? Support is monitoring these 2 NSGs, but I need to find anothers modem model, since I want to work with Nebula technology moving forward.
    I hope that makes sense.
  • Just found this:

    Consumers File Class Action for Defective Cable Modems

    Certain Cable Modems, Including Arris SB6190, May Be Plagued by Latency Issues

    Much talk about Intel's Puma 6 chip set that causes issues in a number of modems.
    This is speculation, but I assume that some security arround DHCP in the NSGxxx series causes the disconnection issue.
    Hope this helps someone.

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    Good info, now I know why my hitron router sometimes f me up, well played Intel.

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