Slow 5Ghz wireless speed ?

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Yesterday I bought a new USG60W, updated the latest firmware, and made basic setup,
with IP addressing and 2 wireless networks; ( easy home, and easy guest).
Connection is 300/100 fibre.

With the previous wireless router (cheap box from ISP) I could get
Wireless speed Download 156,80 Mbps, and Upload 97,1 Mbps.
Wired gigabit    Download 314.08 Mbps , and Upload 96,82 Mbps

Now with the brand new USG60W with I get only
Wireless speed Download 24,35 Mbps , Upload 70,48 Mbps ;
Wired gigabit     Download 296 Mbps,      Upload 97 Mbps

USG60W wired gigabit speed is close to the fibre max speed but
the wireless 5Ghz (and 2,4 Ghz too) speeds are very low indeed !

BandWidthManagement is also On, did not help noticeably.
Laptop Wireless gives 270-300 Mbit/s statistics, so
there is resources to much much faster speed.

Same house, same laptop, same fibre, but now
slow connection after the new USG router.

This is the firmware is downloaded and installed yesterday:

This has been now tested with 2 laptops, and 1 phone,
over the wireless similar results with all  the clients.
Closest distance to USG60W was 50  centimeters.

What is the reason for the very slow wireless speed ?
What USG60W settings affect the speed ?
What can be done to get the NORMAL 5Ghz speed ?

Test results with Zyxel USG60W


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    For the reference; here are the Speedtest results of the previous router;  made by Inteno, cheap box from Sweden.

    Othervise excatly same fiber, same place of router, same clients/laptops, same SSID settings

    Speedtest with Inteno router

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    Hi @Harska,


    Here is our official test report for your reference.

    We test is in shielded room using IxChariot.

    SpeedTest is not used for the official test report because many factors will affect the throughput such as the test PC, the topology and test tool.

    That’s why the official test report is measured by IxChariot in shielded room.



    Firmware: 4.32(AAKZ.0)


    CH100/104 (20/40MHz)

    WPA2-PSK (AES) 4Tx: 188, CPU: 75%

    WPA2-PSK (AES) 4Rx: 197, CPU: 100%


    I also run some tests in our office (not shielded room) using SpeedTest.

    Firmware: 4.32(AAKZ.0)

    Disable 2.4G. Only 5G is enabled.


    ISP- 300Mbps

    Use iPhone, Windows 10 and Windows 7 to connect to SSID of USG60W to run the throughput.

    iPhone (iOS 10.3.3): D/U: 53/67.3 Mbps

    Windows 10: D/U: 79/59 Mbps

    Windows 7: D/U: 58/60 Mbps

  • Thanks for the message, the startup-config.conf was sent.
    No reply so far from that..

    We have tested the router with 2 laptops, and one Samsung S8 phone,
    all giving results which are close to each others. The wireless speed is 1/8 or less of the bandwidth of the previous Inteno DG200 router.

    Speedtest is using the server of our ISP (fiberoptics connections all the way)
    so there is no bottlenecks on the route.

    Similar test with Inteno DG200 give results 190 mbps to 280 Mbps (the phone was fastest). We tested also using file download from reference servers, all giving similar results.

    It seems you have a bug somewhere in the software or the hardware; or the CPU is just not fast enough to handle the traffic between wireless and WAN connection


    iPhone (iOS 10.3.3): D/U: 53/67.3 Mbps
    Windows 10: D/U: 79/59 Mbps
    Windows 7: D/U: 58/60 Mbps

    The above test results basically also prove the problem;
    the router is slow while handling the traffic.

    In the end, this is what matter for the end user.
    Not the lab results, but the real world results.

  • Zyxel_EmilyZyxel_Emily Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 540  mod

    Hi @Harska,


    I've used your configuration file to run the test and the result on SpeedTest is around 20Mbps only.

    I also reconfigure USG60W from the beginning in Easy Mode and the result is similar as yours.

    We are investigating what causes the low wireless throughput on USG60W and check if it is configuration issue or a bug.

    Keep you informed of the progress.

  • Thanks for the update

    The bug is pretty easy to detect
    Let's hope there is quick solution

  • Zyxel_EmilyZyxel_Emily Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 540  mod

    Hi @Harska,

    Try to add a new SSID manually in Expert Mode to get a better throughput.

    In our office with ISP 300Mbps, the laptop (Windows 7) gets 90Mbps download speed on


    Here are the steps.

    Create a new SSID.

    Set lan2 as the outgoing interface instead of lan1.

    In current ZLD design, default bridged WLAN SSID to Ethernet lan1 and the packet are transmitted into bridges to check bridge table packet and decide to WLAN or Ethernet LAN. This decreases and effects on throughput as well.

    Go to CONFIGURATION > Wireless > AP Management > AP Group > default and add new created SSID in Radio 2 Setting.

    Go to CONFIGURATION > Object > AP Profile > default 2 and click "Show Advanced Settings".

    Enable the following settings.

  • Hi Emily;

    Thanks for the testing, comments and advice !

    Looking at that, I get a feeling the actual root cause is in the algorithm
    which handles the data transmission between the interfaces.

    There must be some bottleneck which is wasting the CPU time,
    and causes the low rates, even if the CPU load is at peak level.

    I'm sorry, but unfortunately I can't do further testing anymore, since we
    had to return the router to the importer, and cancel to purchase,
    due to this limited transmission capacity,  resulting only about
    10% of the actual bandwidth of the fiber optics network connection.

    We need to have fully operational routers which are capable to the full speed;
    which in this case was 1 gigabit level bandwidth according the the specs.

    Many years we have been using ZyXEL products (with slower connections)
    but this time we have to start finding other options, maybe Cisco products..

  • Zyxel_VicZyxel_Vic Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 134  mod

    Hi @Harska

    We're regret to hear this decision from you because in our testing we can obviously seen the better result comparing to before. However, your concerns and suggestions will be considered by our team seriously for future product improving.  

    Thank you.

  • It's august 2019 and I having a very similar issue with USG60W on latest firmware... after 5 days of playing with different configurations and swapping from one USG60W to another (I have purchased 3 for 3 new sites)... I think I will also be sending them back if this is not resolvable. But first I will post my question separately as my issue is slightly different.

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    Hi @AndreYPB,

    Welcome to Zyxel Community. 😎

    Saw your post on other thread, will reply on that thread

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