Migration from UTM Firewalls zu ATP Firewalls

Is there a tool like (https://convert.cloud.zyxel.com/) for configuration migration vom UTM (for example USG310) to ATP (for example ATP500)?


  • Zyxel_EmilyZyxel_Emily Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 215  mod
    Hi @TomW,

    ATP is a new series of product line. ATP firewalls are not substituted for UTM firewalls.
    That's why we don't have convertor tool like https://convert.cloud.zyxel.com/ to convert configuration file from UTM to ATP.
  • MarioMario Member, SecuReporterBeta Posts: 1
    Hi Tom

    I've just made a migration from USG 110 to ATP 200.
    I had to do some changes at the config file, but since they are plain text it was easy.
    I took about 30 minutes to get it working at ATP 200.
    Just one thing to care about: the WAN interfaces have different numbers:
    At ATP200
        interface-name ge1 sfp
        interface-name ge2 wan1
        interface-name ge3 wan2
    At USG110
    interface-name ge1 wan1
    interface-name ge2 wan2

    So, just give it a try!
  • TomWTomW Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for your information, Mario. Will try it like this. 
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