Migration from UTM Firewalls zu ATP Firewalls

Is there a tool like (https://convert.cloud.zyxel.com/) for configuration migration vom UTM (for example USG310) to ATP (for example ATP500)?


  • Zyxel_EmilyZyxel_Emily Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 269  mod
    Hi @TomW,

    ATP is a new series of product line. ATP firewalls are not substituted for UTM firewalls.
    That's why we don't have convertor tool like https://convert.cloud.zyxel.com/ to convert configuration file from UTM to ATP.
  • MarioMario Member, SecuReporterBeta Posts: 1
    Hi Tom

    I've just made a migration from USG 110 to ATP 200.
    I had to do some changes at the config file, but since they are plain text it was easy.
    I took about 30 minutes to get it working at ATP 200.
    Just one thing to care about: the WAN interfaces have different numbers:
    At ATP200
        interface-name ge1 sfp
        interface-name ge2 wan1
        interface-name ge3 wan2
    At USG110
    interface-name ge1 wan1
    interface-name ge2 wan2

    So, just give it a try!
  • TomWTomW Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for your information, Mario. Will try it like this. 
  • TAPTechTAPTech Member Posts: 42  Freshman Member
    My sales rep mentioned that the ATP isn't meant to be a replacement for the Next Gen USG line-up... but I wonder what the reason behind that is.  We deploy the USG series models with great success.  These days, a lot of the UTM features are not used, though. 

    For example, email is all in O365 so we don't use spam filtering.  I'm still hesitant to break SSL and implement SSL inspection to be honest.  We do use and love the AP controller feature, BWM, and general routing rules.  Seems like ATP does all this.

    For us it's probably ATP moving forward, with Nebula for the small locations.
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