SBG3600 not automatically switching to backup LTE

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We have issue with SBG3600 that when our main internet connection is ETHWAN-SFP Down Active IPoE the system does not automatically route traffic through LTE Up Active XX.XX.XX.XX Cellular. Only after I reboot the router the backup LTE kicks in. This is very counter productive to have "AUTO WAN" when it does not actually switch on the fly to the backup. Is there anything we can do about this? Or is there some obvious configuration error I may have done and thats why it simple is idle until I reboot?

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    I can now confirm that updating to latest LTE version ahs fixed the issue. And setting the backup to PASSIVE is right way. Now it automatically does the changes as the main line drops it uses the LTE directly.


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    Hi @Cromfel  

    As my test result on AAKO.9 version, the internet connection will back in 30 seconds when SFP is disconnected.

    You can go to check your multi-WAN setting.

    And check if any routing rules will effect outgoing traffic.

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    Thank you for the feedback!

    The problem with load balancing is that we can not have connections changing one request to 1 connection other to other connection. Only in the case where main connection is down, then we would like to have the LTE kick in. I'm not sure how your load balancing works e.g. it would be extremely detrimental if for a specific server data would be sent through different channels. This would be then detected as MITM attack on Bank servers as same cookies are coming from 2 different IP as if the communication was compromised? For different servers I suppose it could be fine to just stream one set of data one way and load balance other channels for other services with different servers or if sharding was used.

    Should the backup connection be set to passive?

    Or how to not use the load balancing all the time when all connections are up?
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    It's good heard your issue has resolved. :+1: 
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    It's good heard your issue has resolved. :+1: 
    It looks like this problem has occured again. It seems to be connected to router reboot. I had set the timeout for the night to reboot the server and the connection showed WAN to be down and LTE up but no connectivity. I unplugged the WAN cable and plugged it back in and immediately the newtwork started to work again.
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