Why should I register with the forum?

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edited February 17, 2017 6:37PM in Forum FAQs
Welcome to Zyxel Nebula Forum! :smiley:

If you register, it lets you take full advantage of the forum, you get the "Member" permission, enabling you to:
  • Star new posts and leave a comment to other members' posts
  • Receive email when someone responds to your post
  • Send private messages with other members
  • Personalize your forum experience, and get reputations
  • Post ideas, agree idea via clicking “Like”, and post comments
If you don't register, you get the "Guest" permission, and you can :
  • Browse the forum only
  • Search for information
  • Read posts
You won't be able to:
  • Give “Like” to the posts
  • Interact with other forum members
  • Set customization preferences with "Bookmark"
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