We are Recruiting SecuReporter Beta Testers!

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Zyxel has produced over 200,000 ZyWALL products around the world. To further improve ZyWALL products, we develop the new Security analytics license “SecuReporter”. We hope to receive feedbacks from your side before our official launch.

I See, I Analyze, I Report

Did you know most of the security products available now can only warn of an attack that may have already been in process or even finished? Security analytics can help you analyze threats to determine its nature, the extent of incident, and take proper actions within your firewalls in a more efficient way!


Now is your chance to be our very first beta tester of SecuReporter, you will not only get early access to SecuReporter before release, but you’ll get a one-year SecuReporter license for free.



If you have ever purchased any product of our ZyWALL USG Series and you’re interested in trying our new security analytics service, please fill-in the Beta tester application form.

We will invite the selected testers to join our product pre-launch discussion in our Zyxel business forum, so you can share your experience of using the SecuReporter service with us along with other beta testers.



Aug 24-Sep 14   Online Application Form Submission

Sep 01-Sep 17    License Key Delivery

Sep 30                License Activation Deadline


Learn more about SecuReporter beta program


Terms & conditions

Please note that applying this enrollment form does not guarantee you’ll automatically be in the beta program. Please see our Terms of Use.
Thank you!


Zyxel Communications Corp.



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    I'm very happy about this message

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    Where to find Documents and Guide how to register and how to use SecuReporter (User-GUIDE)???

  • CoreSGCoreSG Member Posts: 14  Freshman Member
    Only just saw this, and REALLY want to be able to participate !
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