Automatic restart of Router LTE4506-M606


I'm going to ask the same question, as on another post - as this was requested by the mod. 

Is there absolutely no way to configure the Router LTE4506-M606 to start automatically after you connect with power/and-or power restart? The lack of this feature makes this product pretty much useless for exactly what is was meant for: outdoor and portability.
I purchased this device today, so I will return the product if this is not possible. 

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  • Zyxel_JoslynZyxel_Joslyn Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 228  mod
    Hi @BenH

    Unfortunately there is no such feature over the web GUI nor the CLI interface.

    The only related CLI command is “reboot”, but it works only when the LTE4506 has already been powered up.

    If you have any other question regarding the LTE models, please start a new discussion from the following site.

    Thank you.


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