GS2210-48 and AIR-LAP1141

Recently have purchased the GS2210-48 and I am having issues connecting a AIR-LAP1141 WAP to the switch.  I have the port tx tagging enabled as well as VLAN Trunking, PVID is on 1 (Management purposes)

I appear to have no packets traverse this port and I can not ping the default gateway of the router behind the switch.  If I do connect ap to a dhcp enabled port it will obtain a dhcp ip but that is on a nontagged port and isn't what is needed

Any thoughts

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  • Zyxel_RyanZyxel_Ryan Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 66  mod
    Hello @Kevin_FT

    What do you intend to configure SSID VLAN on your AP?
    I assume that there are at least two SSID VLAN on AP. One is for management (VLAN1), while another is for general users. Am I right? 
    Can you share more details about your application? 

  • I run 3 SSID's on the AP, 2 SSID's using vlan200 and 1 using vlan201. vlan1 is accessible on the AP for management purposes.

    Currently we are using Cisco 800 Series Routers with a single uplink (Trunk, native vlan1) to the gs2210-48 (port 48) tagged and trunked. Ports 1-44 are all access vlan201 (Data) working fine.  The AP is connected to port 47 currently, its tagged and trunked.

    If I console into the AP I am unable to ping the default gateway (vlan1 ip) of the Cisco 800 series. If I bypass the gs2210-48 and connect directly into the router on a trunked port I can communicate through the AP correctly.

  • Zyxel_RyanZyxel_Ryan Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 66  mod
    Hello @Kevin_FT

    It seems that you have already configured setting properly.
    How about PM me the configuration of GS2210 and I try to find the problem directly from it? 
    Besides, based on your description, I assume your topology looks like below. Am I right? 

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