Zywall 110, Trunk, Trouble with WRR


i have Trouble with Funktion after Firmware upgrade. My config ist

WAN1: Unity Media (cable)
OPT/WAN3: LTE (off net right now)

So i do an Aktiv/Aktiv WRR over WAN1 and WAN2 for incoming and outgoing traffic. After upgrade vom

4.30 (AAAA.0) to 4.31 or then to 4.32 the LB work not right anymore. With 4.31 it is not possible to get traffic to the WAN2. Not with second App from one PC not with 2nd PC.

With 4.32 Funktion is coming back to get traffic to both WAN IF with different PC.

But i'm missing like on FW4.30 when a multi-session App or Speedtest was able to use BOTH WAN IF at the same time.

Zyxel told me that LB to both WAN-IF is no target of design and there is no faiture if this wont work any more.

Do anybody see similar Prolems or a solution?

Thx, cheers


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