internal dynDNS service - without 3rd party service like NOIP / for client-to-site VPN

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An important feature for us is an external dynDNS address, so that you can access the network from anywhere even without a fixed WAN IP and without any 3rd party SAS provider like NOIP, We need this to connect Client-to-site-VPN. Is a feature in this direction planed?


  • Nebula_BayardoNebula_Bayardo Zyxel Support Campus Agent Posts: 225  mod
    Hi @midec,

    Thanks for your input! :)

    Besides the 3rd party providers, we also provide a self-hosted option, you can find it on Gateway > Configure > Interface addressing

    Is this what are you looking for?
  • midecmidec Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for your fast answer. I´m not sure if we talking about the same.
    Selfhosting dynDNS requires an on site service running, but for our use case, Zyxel should host this for us. For information in detail open following link. We you this this feature with cisco meraki:
    The Cisco Meraki MX Security Appliance uses Dynamic DNS (DDNS) to update its DNS host record automatically each time its public IP address changes. This feature is useful because it allows the administrator to configure applications such as client VPN to access the MX by its hostname which is static instead of an IP address that may change over time.

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    Hi @midec
    Got it! Unfortunately, this service is not yet available on NCC. If you allow me, I can move this thread to the Ideas section and we'll put it on our roadmap, or you can post a new comment over there if you want.

    In the meantime, isn't NOIP free version feasible for you?

    Cheers :)
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