How to uninstall ZyXEL SecuExtender for Mac ?

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some time ago I installed the SecuExtender VPN IPsec client for MacOS but I ended-up not using it as I'm fine with IPsecuritas (the same I use for other connections as well).

I see the client still running at boot and since I don't use it, can anyone please help directing on how to uninstall it ? Not found so far looking amongst the application on my Mac nor in ZyXEL KB.

Thanks in advance

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    Hi @sirivanhoe

    It is the same to uinstalling  applications from Mac.

    First you have to stop the service.

    And Go to Finder sidebar > Applications and find SecuExtender.

    You can drag the app from the Applications folder to the Trash. Then will uninstall from your Mac.

    Also you can reference to Apple Q&A:

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    Thanks @CHS for your attention.

    I should have mentioned that the problem is that there's no trace in the Applications folder of the app, neither looking for ZyXEL nor SecuExtender or similars.

    It's just that I can see this running process:

    /Library/Application Support/ZyXEL SecuExtender/zywall-vpn-service

    started by launchd at boot (and it doesn't appear amongst the Login items for my user), and I can't figure out how to uninstall it's containing app that, in turn, I can't find where it is installed.
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    Hi @sirivanhoe  

    You can use “AppCleaner” to find all of the file that installed on your Mac.

    And also, you can remove all of files by this tool.(

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    Thanks Zyxel_Stanley for your attention too. 

    I apologise for the delay. The problem is that even AppClean doesn't detect the app as installed by specifying any search string like "zyxel" "zywall" or even only "zy", neither it accepts a drag&drop from any content within the above path in my previous message.
    My situation seems different than yours. I see you see the app correctly listed under the /Applications folder where you would naturally look for it.
  • Try this

    to stop the service:

    $ sudo launchctl unload /Library/Application\ Support/ZyXEL\ SecuExtender/com.zyxel.ZyWALL-VPN-Service.plist

    $ sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.zyxel.SecuExtenderHelper.plist

    to disable the service:

    $ sudo launchctl disable system/com.zyxel.SecuExtenderHelper.plist

    $ sudo launchctl disable system/com.zyxel.ZyWALL-VPN-Service.plist

    you need sudo privilege, though.

  • sirivanhoesirivanhoe Member Posts: 12  Freshman Member

    HI roadrunner,

    thanks for taking care of this. The info looks promising. In the meanwhile I completely removed anything pertaining the client on my Mac (not the USG60, which is happily working).

    I'll take care of these info this notwithstanding, I suspect they might turn out useful again in the future.



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