Bugs in last firmware

DadvDadv Member Posts: 8
Hi, i have found some bugs in the last firmware update (V1.00(AAKO.9))

- Qos => class setup => add or edit => impossible to add IP address
- Qos => class setup => add or edit => the Classificaiton Order  dropdown is not in sync with the real index of the rule (the sort is done like string, not as number)
- Qos => Monitor => Queue monitor vanish...

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  • CHSCHS Member, SecuReporterBeta Posts: 45  Freshman Member

    Hi @Dadv

    I just test it on my device, seems without problem.

    And dropdown view is correct.

    Did you select Ether type as IP(0x0800) when you adding the rule?

  • DadvDadv Member Posts: 8
    Hi, thx for the reply,

    Yes I did it :

    But : 

  • DadvDadv Member Posts: 8
    edited July 30, 2018 9:42PM
    Just see you put a subnet mask to, but mine is ...

    Also, if let it blank it's not working, in version 0.6 it was working in blank and
  • Zyxel_StanleyZyxel_Stanley Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 718  mod
    Hi @Dadv

    The address field was defined that the “address” must be a signal IP address or a IP subnet address. So you need to enter the correct mask in the field.

    If you entered mask as then IP address should be but not a IP address.

    This behavior was changed in V1.00(AAKO.9).

  • DadvDadv Member Posts: 8
    OK understand for that, i'll change my mask for what i need.

    Any clue about the other bug?
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