[NEBULA] How to create organization and site on Nebula Control Center?

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After registering and login with Nebula CC account at the first time, you may create organization and site with wizard.
If you want to create a new organization or site afterwards, you can refer the following steps.

Create a new organization(include new site):
  1. Choose "+ Create organization" in the Organization list.
  2. The page will redirect to the wizard, enter required information and click Next.
  3. You may register/add your device to the new organization/site in this page directly and click Next.
    You may just click Next to skip this step.
  4. Click Next if you want to setup configuration later.
  5. Double check those information and click "Go to Nebula Dashboard" if there is no problem.
  6. You will see the notification for trial license.

Create a new site only:
  1. Go to Organization-wide > Configure > Create site.

  2. Enter "Site name," and click "Create site."
    *You can click "Register" to register Nebula devices by MAC address and serial number on Nebula Control Center(NCC).
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