VPN Access to LTE-Router

I am not sure if this is the right place for my question. I am installing a couple of small VPN Firewall VPN2S, each of them behind a LTE router. Following configuration: LTE-Router IP, VPN2S WAN IP,
Local LAN Remote access to LAN via VPN is working, but I am not able to get access to the Web Interface of the LTE-Router. A PC connected to the local LAN has acces to the LTE-Router, but it is not working from a VPN tunnel.  What is missing. Any help is appreciated.


  • Zyxel_CooldiaZyxel_Cooldia Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 698  mod
    Hi @WSCHUB,
    It looks like VPN2S is behind a router with private IP.
    Can you post your network topology with IP subnet, and send me your configuration file via private message.
  • WSCHUBWSCHUB Member Posts: 2
    Hello, sorry for my late reply.
    It is a very small test configuration, nothing special.
    We have an LTE-Route with a public IP. Behind this router is the VPNS2. The network between LTE-router and VPNS2 is This network goes into the WAN port of VPN2S.
    The LAN side of the VPNS2 is a network. I can access this LAN and all devices via VPN. The problem is accessing the LTE-Router via VPN.
    I have access to the LTE-Routers Web-interface which is from a computer connected to, but I cannot access this web-interface via VPN tunnel.
  • lalalandlalaland Member Posts: 41  Freshman Member

    It’s unable to access LTE router via VPN, because when site to site IP sec VPN established, the peer device only add remote Lan subnet at routing table.
    Peer USG does not know how to routing the packet to VPN2S for LTE router connection( you may connect to LTE router through LTE public IP directly.

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    @lalaland Thanks for your explanation.
    @WSCHUB If you can establish VPN tunnel with LTE Router. Maybe you can access to LTE router by WAN IP address.
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