CLD Help for CA Commands lists Subject DN out of order on USG60W - probably others

danyedinakdanyedinak Member Posts: 25  Freshman Member
In shell, issuing the following command :
ca generate x509 name certname cn-type ip cn ? 
yields the following help : 
However, if you try to create a certificate or request in this order it generates the following error : 

% (after '"<something>"'): Parse error

The correct sequence is :

Two things would really help in the command line help, here : 
  1. list the Subject DN's in the correct order/sequence
  2. Add a hint to what the DN code is. For example, typing :
    ca generate x509 name <name> cn-type ip cn <ipv4address> ?
    currently generates the help :
    which does not help illuminate what the letter designation is. I'd rather see something useful like :
Obviously I have figured this out, and others likely have, too, but it would have saved a ton of time, and will be helpful during those long, late night episodes when the brain is already foggy.


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