antispam doesn't work

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Setup antispam on usg 110 and usg310 and it doesn't work. Setup test email from my gmail account and put that email in the blacklist, then I  sent an email to our business email and it comes right in. I watched the logs and can see it come in. So if they router can see it, why doesn't it block it? Also setup rule for subject with "test" and it did not block it either. The one thing in common is that we're using avast cloudcare antispam. The mail comes in from the avast mail server. I had tech support remote in and the settings look ok.


  • Zyxel_CooldiaZyxel_Cooldia Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 698  mod
    Hi @ozarktech,
    Because the mail sending From/To Gmail is running on STARTTLS(Server to Server), It switch to encrypted connection after Sever EHLO.
    Even with SSL inspection enabled on USG, Anti-Spam is still unable to scan the session.

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