lengthy USG20W-VPN Firmware update

DaveWDaveW Member Posts: 1  Freshman Member
I just purchased this router and am doing an initial firmware update. It looks like the installed firmware is from July 2017 (V4.25). The firmware update has been running for almost 2 hours. Is this normal? 


  • Zyxel_CooldiaZyxel_Cooldia Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 698  mod
    Hi @DaveW,
    It’s abnormal. The upgrade process should be done within 10 minutes.
    Do you have the console log during firmware upgrading for our analysis?
  • PeterUKPeterUK Member Posts: 646  Guru Member
    edited May 25, 2018 9:39PM

    When doing testing here I was on V4.31 and wanted to go back to V4.25 and the firmware update don't take so had the power it off and on which did a config reset but it loaded with the old firmware. So maybe you have to do the same and hope it loads.

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