ZYWALL Performance Series - Error in Easy Mode - FW 4.31

ChrisGerChrisGer Member Posts: 195  Master Member
Hello ZYXEL Community,
during my "deep dive" with the new Firmware, i can reproduce the following error message in the easy mode.

It's comeing up, if you push the market refresh button. The LOG in the expert mode display the following error mesage:

The ISP connection is running and extranet is usable.
FW 4.31 release is in production on the USG.



  • Zyxel_CooldiaZyxel_Cooldia Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 698  mod
    Hi @ChristianG,
    Thanks for the issue feedback. :)
    I am trying to reproduce this issue on lab device. Here is my test procedure,
    1)    Start testing with USG-60W V4.31 system default configuration file(Wan is connected, get IP from DHCP server, Internet access is available at that time).
    2)    Log in Web GUI management, it’s easy mode by default. Click the “Refresh” button on title bar.
    Switch the Web GUI from easy mode to expert mode and check the log(Monitor > Log), I cannot find the log “Connection error has occurred”.
    Is this test procedure same as you?

    I also try another case, unplug wan cable, then click the “Refresh” button. i can see the log “Connection error has occurred”.
    Can you help to check again is the Internet access available at that time?
  • ChrisGerChrisGer Member Posts: 195  Master Member
    the procedure is connrect and i've another screen that show you the USG in easy mode view with this reproduce of the error :/

    WAN IP is on WAN1_PPP (see screenshot).

    DNS Forwarder is configured with the ISP default DNS Server-IP's (trough DHCP)

    Any idea ?

    Thx for service and regards

  • ChrisGerChrisGer Member Posts: 195  Master Member
    Hi @Zyxel_Cooldia
    the FW 4.31 is a mystory :'( after removeing the DNS Forwarder zyxel.com (DNS Server = Google) and query via WAN1_PPP the last 5 times it working without the CLI error message


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