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  • GarudaGaruda Member Posts: 2
    Hello Bob,

    I upgraded to version AAKO.9 and I lost the firmware on the LTE module.
    Could you give the current firmware version for LTE?
    Thank you
  • Zyxel_BobZyxel_Bob Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 42  mod
    Hi Garuda, 

    I sent a message to you.
    Please check your inbox. 
    Thank you.


  • Hi Bob

    I'm running Firmware V1.00(AAZE.2) and LTE version ALT3100_04_05_06_10_B8_LO. My LTE connection are running slow. when I'm running  speedtest on wifi i'ts running as slow as 5mbps. when i'm running a speedtest on the phones LTE it's running 40mbps. Am I running old firmware verison or what could be wrong?


    Martin L
  • Hello, I would like to get latest LTE firmware also, last summer noticed performance was not what I expected.

    Current LTE firmware: ALT3100_04_05_06_10_B8_LO

    Current Device firmware: V1.00(AAKO.9)

    Current WWAN Package: 1.15
  • Zyxel_BobZyxel_Bob Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 42  mod

    Hi MartinL,

    I will reply to the discussion thread which you created.



  • Zyxel_BobZyxel_Bob Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 42  mod

    Hi FireFlower,

    I will send the link through message.

    Please check your forum's inbox.



  • Hi,
    I also need the firmware upgrade for AAKO.9.
  • Hello there,

    My LTE performance is Max. 34Mb and the subscription 150Mb.

    Same sim on mobile Phone speed up to 98Mb

    current  SBG3600 Firmwares & WW WWAN Package Version

    LTE firmware is ALT3100_05_00_02_00_81_MS

    Device Firmware Version: V1.00(AAKO.9)

    WWAN Package Version: 1.15

    Q: Can I get all latest updates,

    P.s I have 4 lines in 4G signal


    BR Monte

  • Zyxel_BobZyxel_Bob Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 42  mod

    Hi juhopol,

    I reply you by message.

    Please check your inbox.




  • Zyxel_BobZyxel_Bob Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 42  mod

    Hi Montasir,

    Thanks for providing the details of your SBG3600.

    All the software packages (router, LTE module, and WWAN package) are already the latest.

    The relative inferior downlink speed performance on the SBG3600 could be from its "LTE band support" and the "LTE technology support.

    • The SBG3600 supports band 3/7/8/20. I am not sure which LTE bands your LTE service provider supports but it could be the case where your service provider has a wider bandwidth on the LTE band which the SBG3600 does not support.
    • The SBG3600 supports LTE category 3 (maximum download 100 Mbps), which is inferior than your subscription, 150 Mbps.

    The SBG3600's downlink speed can be limited by these 2 factors.



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