Enable/disable Firmware updates

Systems_vanHessenSystems_vanHessen Member Posts: 2  Freshman Member
If there is a venue that is live 24/7 you don't want all your switches automaticly rebooting for a firmware update not even on a schedule.



  • Nebula_BayardoNebula_Bayardo Moderator, Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 172  mod
    Hi @Systems_vanHessen ;

    Thanks for your valuable input  :)  We totally understand your request. 
    However, in some cases like in major releases, not updating the device firmware might lead to some malfunctioning. As well as other firmware releases contain fixes of critical issues.
    We consider that by adding a "no update" option, at some point in time your devices might not work properly and will bring network instability.

    Good news is, on our roadmap for the second half of 2018 we have a feature that basically will allow you to schedule firmware upgrade for specific devices, so you can define a schedule within the next 6 months for the critical devices only, while the rest can follow a site-based firmware upgrade schedule. How about that?  =)
    BTW, the firmware upgrade schedules feature has been extended from 1 to 6 months recently.

    Let me know what you think.

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