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Looking for suggestions - whislt our clients have not asked, we anticipate  that they will... we're looking for a way of providing a full log of devices connected by time and date. We don't want individual user logins, but we want to be able to check back and note that Fred's iPhone, for example, was connected (perhaps which AP) between A and B on date C.

So far as I can work out the Nebula portal allows me to view a list of who is on NOW, or who has been on today, this week, this month, but, I can't see any way of ensuring that data is downloaded and saved for posterity, except by tasking someone to log in at least once every 30 days and download...

Am I missing a page somewhere where I can set it up to report on a regular schedule without someone having to actually remember to do it??



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    Hello @CComley

    Is this perhaps in respect to the European law?

    Nebula CC, in its current state, does not have a feature that timestamps each individual wireless client's connection time in a neat little window.

    What you can do is go to AP > Monitor > Client > "Client name". This will take you to your individual client information.

    If taking a screenshot of the Client activity is not enough to satisfy European law, then you can click the Event log  URL in this page to verify the specific time your wireless client is connected. 

    By checking the authorized and deauthorized events, you should have a clear idea on when and which AP these clients are connected to. Nebula CC can record events that occurred more than a year ago. You can also use the export function to create an excel document.

    If you have any suggestions on how we can better improve your wireless client analysis, then please feel free to give us some of your ideas in the Ideas forum section!

    Barney Gregorio

  • Nebula_BarneyNebula_Barney Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 75  mod
    Hi @CComley

    And I also forgot to mention that the Nebula CC Event logs store events that occurred up to a year ago.

    Barney Gregorio
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    Thanks for the feedback Barney. Yes, the "Monitor / Client" information would be sufficient, I think. Except - no - it doesn't show WHEN a client was connected, only that it has been a some time(s) during the period of thge report.  BUT - (a) I can't see how to extract this information except by activly logging in, selecting it, then clickign "Export" - we would want to automate this process so the data is pushed out to us regularly without someone having to remember to do it.

    Ah, the Event Log info, I see it can go back further, may suffice, but, again, no obvoius way to automate teh download.

    Click-to-Continue on the captive portal - does it log the click?  Same applies, however, need to automate logging.
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    HI @CComley ;

    We understand your request as something similar to a hotspot log management; however, besides the statistics on the Client page and files generated by exporting the event log as Barney mentioned, Nebula doesn't provide an automated report/statistics at the moment.
    We would like to add this request to our roadmap, could you please use the Ideas section to provide more details about what kind of information you would like to see? We'll base the feature design based on our customers' feedback.

    Very appreciated! :)

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    I'll fill that in!

    Seriously, if customers are not already asking for it, they surely soon will, and, probably already shoudl be. My understanding of things like RIPA and the Investigatory Powers Act here in the UK mean that anyone offering internet access can be asked to provide evidence as to who was connected and when - suggestions are it would be sufficient to provide MAC address logs, but there are already signs of people getting in to hot water for not being able to provide at least that!

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