USG110 logs unnecessary 'info: DHCPv6 receive solicit from....' entries

PossuPossu Member Posts: 3  Freshman Member
my USG110 log gets crowded with 'info DHCP DHCPv6 receive solicit from fe80:: ...' entries which are quite useless for me. Is there any other way to block these entries than in Configuration > Log & Report > Log Settings
> System log under network selecting dhcp logging to disable? With that I get rid of these IPv6 entries, but also of all IPv4 entries, which is a negative side-effect from my point of view as for debugging purposes I would like to have entries like 'Requested from [mac-address]' and 'DHCP server assigned to...' in the log.
Any ideas?
regards Possu


  • Zyxel_CharlieZyxel_Charlie Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 686  mod
    When you enable IPv6 function, the PC will send the solicit packet to USG.
    I would like to know does any IPv6 in you environment? If no, please disable IPv6, so the message will not appear.
  • PossuPossu Member Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    I have a fully functional IPv6 environment so disabling IPv6 is certainly not an option. I would just like to get rid of these useless messages which appear once a minute or so from different devices on my network.
  • Zyxel_CharlieZyxel_Charlie Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 686  mod
    The current design of IPv6 is that the log message show the details of process of communication between PCs and USG.
    If you want log message only display "result" for IPv6 communication, it does not support on USG Series so far. I will move this request to Ideas section.
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