High CPU Usage

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High CPU usage caused by 17010     1 python          root     ?         19   0 45.2  0.8 R     14556  8868  5888  3639 01:25:38       00:08 00:00:03 python /usr/local/share/zydownloader.pyc -v -l /tmp/cloud_download.log -d /db/wtp_image -c 1024 -r 3 -b /usr/local/bin/capwap/cloud_callback http://zapimg.cloud.zyxel.com/ZAP1/4.20(.1)/cloud_checksum

Can I kill it ?  How to kill ?


  • Zyxel_CharlieZyxel_Charlie Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 861  mod
    This information is AP updating the AP Firmware with cloud. However, the usage is not very high on this process( 45.2).
    We need to collect the information to analyze this case
    I need to confirm that 
    1.Does this symptom cause some issues on device?(ex: High CPU cause device reboot or....)
    2. what firmware version are you using?
    3. Does the information you mentioned occur frequently?
    4. Please share the graph of CPU on dashboard. Example as below.

    5.Collect the console message for checking.

     On tera term, please Go to File>Log>Click Save

    Enter "debug system ps" and stop to gather the message. After that private message the message to me.


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