How to set the VPN client connection failover?

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How do I set the VPN client connection failover?

The customer has 2 WAN IPs with two VPN connections at the branch site. One of them is a dynamic IP. The VPN connection must failover to WAN2 once the WAN1 connection is down.


Step1: In the web GUI, go to the Configuration > Network > Interface > Trunk > User configuration > Add screen. Set WAN2’s mode to Passive.


Step2. Enable Disconnect Connections Before Falling Back.


Step3: Go to Configuration > VPN > IPSec VPN > VPN Gateway.

Set My Address to "" (The USG will dial-up with the active WAN interface first).

Since WAN2’s interface IP is dynamic, you can use Dynamic VPN in this case.




Please use the command line  "Router(config)# client-side-vpn-failover-fallback activate"

The tunnel will fall back to WAN1 automatically once the WAN1 connection has recovered.


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