Deutsche Telekom ENTERTAIN (IPTV) Support / WHEN?

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Hello Zyxel-Team,

will there be a support of ENTERTAIN (IPTV) this year?
I opened a ticket for that back in 2016 and got the reply that this will be implemented in 2017.
And last week i did again (no reply so far).

What's missing:
- Support to activate, deactivate DHCP Broadcast Flag, as for ENTERTAIN it's required to set it to '0', means Unicast.
- Support of IGMPv3
  ON CLI Reference the value is shown and can be set (at least no error), but on the webinbterface it still shows v2.

Thanks on advance!

Regards, HomeUser


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    I want to confirm with you the ticket number for each case, pleas share it.
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    The 1st ticket back in 2016 was #30062-97280 and the recent one i figured out now, that i didn't get an email with the number. :-( Shall i reopen it or can you find based on my mailadress?

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    edited March 5, 2018 2:45PM
    -set it to '0', means Unicast==>So far we don’t have the plan to implement this. I’d like to move your idea to the “ ideas” section. 

    -IGMP v3==>We implement IGMPv2 as the default setting in the GUI for general users. Advanced users may set it to IGMPv3 via CLI.

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    Do you really believe this is an "idea"?
    Disabling DHCP Broadcast Flag is a common feature in many routers.
    Can't this just be implemented cause without IPTV is not working?

    Regarding IGMPv3, where can i check if it's really enabled then?
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    Dear @HomeUser

    About the idea section i think  Charlie means it more a like to a Feature  Request.
    about the igmp
    in putty give the command as below (assuming that lan1 is where you want to enable)

    After that you can do wireshark /packet capture the interface with a live stream enabled, you will see the version it uses:


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    OK, sounds good. Thanks for the hint!
    But igmpv3 is only 50% of the solution.
    Without the option to disable DBCP Broadcast Falg i don't get an IP on the providers StreamingVLAN and therefore i cannot test anything in regards to igmp.
    So i really hope this will be taken as a feature request and implemented soon!
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    Forget it, Zyxel isn't supporting this and isn't going to support this.
    I'm also struggling with an SBG3500-N device for years now and the support is awful and shameless for a E300,- costing device. The only responds is a teamview session, without a working internet connection (great solution, mate).

    There are many requests for "triple play content" (IPTV) support, they ignore it for a long time now.
    December of 2017 they woke up a bit, but it hasn't got the attention it deserves.
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